Services of the electromechanical and hydraulic workshop

Design, construction, maintenance and modification

naval mechanics

Avvenente srl deals with hydraulic, electronic and electro-hydraulic naval and industrial repairs and load access equipment.

The services offered extend to all types of hydraulic systems, mechanic and pneumatic interventions in general and other types of more specific interventions, such as:

  • Design, construction and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their components (pumps, valves, cylinders, motors...)
  • Revision of mechanical components (gearboxes, pumps, valves, motors...)
  • Design and construction of special cylinders (for example single or multi-stage tensioners), also based on customer design
  • Maintenance, repair and modification services on hatches, access ramps and interior equipment (car decks, watertight doors, compartmentalisation doors, lift systems, steering, stabilisers)


Our company also provides services for loading cranes, food loading cranes, container loading cranes, winch control systems, windlasses, mooring winches; it can make changes to existing equipment, install new equipment, commission equipment, and provide maintenance services on bow thrusters and all deck machinery, such as mooring winches, net stowage, windlasses and sail cables.


Making use of a team of specialised technicians, it can guarantee interventions in all Italian ports, abroad and, if necessary, while navigating.

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